Best locations to start your spiritual journey

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Staying connected within yourself is highly recommended. I believe in what I call meditation walks to clear your mind and keep the connection with your body and mind. I recommend turning your phone off it’s just for a hour or at least place it on silent mode. This is a time for you to walk and listen and tune in and tap on a spiritual awakening. I also purchased walking poles yes walking poles I giggled at first too but when you are at your last few steps those poles hole you up. I also found it helps me “to what my mother always said stand up straight” this also naturally helps spine to click into a healing mode.

Once you find yourself feeling free of electronics you start feeling free yourself giving your mind a rest and focus on You that way your not looking down every few seconds. It was challenging the first few times but then I got myself into a routine and found myself excited to take walks. I use to run and just hurry up the process of releasing the negative energy or just get the exercise out that way. But the benifits of walking is you find yourself to relax and enjoy nature. It is very rewarding to see baby butterflies, a caterpillar, inching its way to get to the other side (this time I was walking with my daughter and she pick him up placed him on the other side so he’d be safe, you might hear frogs, see baby turtles with their mom and dad, whatever you do see I guarantee you’ll love it. Once you look for beauty you seem to find it and the most beautiful sounds of the birds that will open your heart and soul. Create your meditation walk today. Tell yourself just 20 minutes.

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